Inspira Breast Implants from Allergan

Inspira breast implants from Allergan are a batch of 5th generation silicone gel-filled breast implants, giving you a vast range of options to choose from. These implants can be tailored to be a perfect fit for your body and frame.

Why choose Inspira Breast Implants from Allergan?

The silicone in Inspira doesn’t behave like a fluid, but a soft solid. These breast implants have a 95% average fill to offer more projection at every width, while maintaining optimal fullness in the upper half. They are designed to hold their shape better with reduced chances of rippling or wrinkling in future. Apart from the gel filler material, other parameters like size, shape, breast tissue characteristics and profile have to be considered as well. All Allergan gel-filled breast implants are incorporated with their trademark Intrashiel Barrier Technology; which lowers shell permeability and reduces gel diffusion, also known as gel bleed. You will want to speak with your surgeon about which of these cohesive gel fillers will best suit your requirements.

What are the differences in the varying size and textures of Inspira Breast Implants

While selecting the right shape, a balance needs to be maintained between cosmetic reasoning and the actual result, which depends upon your breast measurements and tissue characteristics. Inspira implants can be either smooth or textured, and are available in two forms:

  • Round implants – Make existing breasts look fuller by enhancing volume to the upper pole of the breast. It imparts a “round” appearance, and comes in four profiles such as low, moderate, full and extra full.
  • Teardrop implants – Are structured more naturally to follow the body’s usual lines. In this case, the breast undergoes a larger increase in lower pole volume, while the enhancement is less in the upper pole volume. If there is any deficit in breast tissue, these implants can be utilized for giving proper shape. They are known as anatomical implants, and provide a natural yet substantively augmented outcome.

Choosing the proper implant and size is an important decision. Your surgeon will assist in selecting the right fit so it matches the width of your breast and body shape.

In addition to Inspira implants from Allergan, The San Francisco Plastic Surgery & Laser Center offers various options for breast augmentation. Including Natrelle and Sientra.

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