Women’s Satisfaction with Breast Augmentation: 3 Studies


There have been multiple studies & polls to evaluate the level of satisfaction a woman experiences after breast augmentation surgery. We’ve prepared a summary & overview of some of a few selected studies below. RealSelf.com–Is Breast Augmentation “Worth it” Of the 326 people that reported having breast augmentation surgery on Realself.com 88% say it is worth it.

Study #1: 88% of Women are Satisfied with their New Breasts A comprehensive national online study placed in implantinfo.com found that most women who underwent breast augmentation (88%) were satisfied with the results, and 93% said they would recommend the procedure to friends or family members. Nearly all women who received implants thought the surgery improved their overall appearance (92%) and self-confidence (82%). For complete results, see aes.sagepub.com

Study #2: Breast Augmentation Patients Report Rise in Self-Esteem and Sexuality A study by the University of Florida found that breast enlargement often induces an important rise in self-esteem and sexuality, including libido, in women.

The average increases were from 20.7 to 24.9 for self-esteem on the 30-point Rosenberg scale, and from 27.2 to 31.4 on the 36-point index for the sex function.

There were substantial rises of sexual desire (plus 78.6 %), arousal (plus 81 %) and satisfaction (plus 57 %). Read more here.

Have you had breast augmentation? How satisfied were you with your new breasts? Leave a comment below!