Below are some recent patient testimonials…

Great consultation and pre-surgery instructions w/ Dr. Rajagopal – she answered all of my questions. When I brought up procedures that other doctors recommended during consults, she was very honest and told me I really didn’t need them! Never felt like I was being sold anything. Prices were very reasonable compared to others I checked out and I didn’t feel like anything was compromised for it.

Morning of surgery: the nurse gave me something like Valium to help calm my nerves before I went in to the OR. Anesthesiologist was friendly and did a great job – don’t remember a thing! Surgery itself went smoothly. Great results! They have their own OR, which was great.

After surgery: Dr. Rajagopal was very interested in my post-op recovery – she made sure I had filled my prescriptions for pain killers before surgery and that I had enough to get me through (though I didn’t use them all anyway). Had a beautiful bouquet of flowers for me in the recovery room, plus follow up phone calls to make sure I was doing well once home. Staff was great and communicated with my ride while I was out of it, and they helped me to my car.

They seem very conscious of making sure patients are as comfortable as possible before, during, and after procedures. I felt like I could trust Dr. Rajagopal completely with her professional experience, artistry, and judgment. Overall, GREAT EXPERIENCE! Highly recommended.

Dr. Rajagopal performed rhinoplasty on me about a month ago. I was extremely nervous and self-conscious (so much so, in fact, that I had not done this till I was 37 years-old!). But she and her medical team showed SO much kindness and patience with me while explaining every part of the surgery & what to expect post surgery. I never felt uncomfortable during the entire process. While I was recuperating, I even had to call her cell with a question during her off hours, and she was there, confident & helpful… And then I was back to work in 7 days! Everything looked great, just like she had explained. It seriously changed my life. They were so professional & experienced. They really know what they are doing there. I trust Dr. Rajagopal completely and would recommend her & her staff to anyone.