Brazilian Butt Lift Popularity Soaring

According to the Association of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), buttock augmentation surgeries are getting more popular by the day; in fact, 38 percent more of these procedures have been performed so far this year than were performed during the same time period in 2010—a significant increase!

Why the sharp growth in numbers? For one, the media beauty focus has shifted in recent years, concentrating its lens on more women like Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, and Pippa Middleton and eschewing the more waif-like silhouettes of the past. Second, the Brazilian butt lift is becoming more widespread as a procedure, and it appeals to many men and women that don’t want implants; the idea of having their own fat injected into their body is far more appealing to many patients than is the idea of having foreign substances like silicone implants put into them.

Since the first step of a Brazilian lift is to liposuction fat from another part of the body, you can’t be overly slender if you want to be a candidate for the procedure. This does not mean that this procedure is designed for overweight patients—it’s not a weight loss solution—it just means that you have to have at least a few pounds to spare somewhere on the body (usually from the waist, abdomen, or trunk areas). In the end, the fat is going to be reintroduced to the body, so this procedure is more like a redistribution of weight than anything else; you’ll still weigh about the same on the scale afterward, but your profile will be sculpted more to your liking.

For those people who have lived their lives wishing for a bigger or better-shaped backside, a Brazilian butt lift can be life-changing. If you’re not happy with your body shape, and you want to do something about it, come to us for a free consultation!