Cheek Plumping: The Solution to Volume Loss?

ccheeksThe New York Times ran a piece this week about a new cosmetic technique that’s rising in popularity: injecting dermal fillers directly into cheeks rather than just in the wrinkles around them. As I’ve mentioned here before, part of the reason so many of us think we look tired or worn as we age is that we lose volume in our face over the years. As the NYT article says, “There’s a reason for the phrase ‘baby face.’ Round, plump cheeks look young. Saggy, sunken ones look old.”

Doctors who are already using this technique claim that filling in wrinkles as they appear isn’t enough to truly rejuvenate the face, and that cheek implants, while good for restoring definition and structure to the face, do nothing to address the hollowness volume loss creates. In order to truly give patients the youthful look they desire, the argument goes, the cheeks themselves require plumping.

It looks like this is one new trend that’s not going away anytime soon: Allergan (manufacturer of Botox and Juvederm, among other drugs) has already come out with a new product called “Voluma”—a form of Juvéderm formulated to address mid-face volume loss—that’s currently being used in Europe and Canada, and which is expected to gain FDA approval in the near future. So you may not want to rush out and get this treatment right away, but if you’re looking for a solution to volume loss in the face, I’d keep an eye on it!