CoolSmooth Applicator Makes CoolSculpting Even Better!

coolsmIn October of last year, we were one of the first plastic surgery offices in our region to start offering Coolsculpting—a ground-breaking new technology that uses a non-invasive approach to effectively remove excess fat. Since then, I’ve seen amazing results in the patients I’ve treated with CoolSculpting. When it comes to getting rid of unwanted fat, I’m thrilled to say, CoolSculpting really works!

It’s because of this success that I’m so excited about the latest development in CoolSculpting technology: the Coolsmooth applicator. Until now, the CoolSculpting procedure has required using a vacuum (suction) handpiece on the areas of the body that patients wish to target. For the most part this was an effective approach, but it made it difficult to treat areas where the skin was taut—if the skin wasn’t loose enough, the handpiece couldn’t draw enough tissue in to treat it. Essentially, any fat that was “non-pinchable” was essentially untreatable, because the cooling plates were located inside the suction handpiece.

With the CoolSmooth applicator, however, the limitations of the original CoolSculpting design are all history. CoolSmooth doesn’t use suction—instead, it’s designed so that its cooling plates are located on its exterior. With this change in design, plastic surgeons like myself can now lay cooling plates directly on the areas of fat that patients want removed, meaning that even patients with barely-there deposits of excess fat can take advantage of CoolSculpting’s unique offering.

Non-invasive and highly effective, CoolSculpting is right at the forefront of weight-loss technology. If you’re interested in learning more, get in touch with me here at the San Francisco Plastic Surgery & Laser Center and set up a free consultation!

Until next time, Dr. Rajagopal