Dr. Rajagopal in Scene Magazine!

scene magazine

Remember a few months ago when we were talking about new trends in butt augmentation? Well, it’s still the hot topic of the moment. Scene Magazine, a local Bay Area publication, recently ran a story on “shapely backsides”—and how to get them—and I was one of the experts they asked to weigh in on the subject!

Specifically, I spoke to Scene Magazine about the benefits of fat transfer (also known as a “Brazilian butt lift”) when it comes to butt augmentation, a procedure that we practice here at the San Francisco Plastic Surgery & Laser Center. The article gives a basic overview of what’s involved with fat transfer, but doesn’t go into a lot of detail; if you’re interested in more information about Brazilian butt lifts, you can find an explanation of and answers to common questions about the Brazilian butt lift (including surgery prerequisites, costs, recovery time, and more) here.

To read the whole article about how to get your rear into shape, visit Scene!