hCG Success Stories: Part II

Last week on this blog, we met Michele—one of a number of patients who have enrolled in the hCG weight reduction treatment program here at the San Francisco Plastic Surgery & Laser Center and seen amazing results. Now that another week has passed, we thought we’d check back in with Michele and see how she’s doing. Here’s her most recent update:

Michele here, pleased to report a further loss of 4.6 pounds this week! I made it through a holiday party last night with sparkling water and lemon in my glass, and no one was the wiser. My gift today? No hangover, not to mention a loss of 1.2 pounds overnight!

I’m starting to be able to wear clothes I haven’t been able to fit into for a long time. A fancy top I thought I’d never wear again slipped right on! Even casual acquaintances are starting to notice my new shape. That “matronly” look I had fallen into is disappearing, and I’m turning back into “high school” me. I can’t see any reason not to go all the way.

I’ve had a little hunger this week, but Dr. Rajagopal addressed this problem with great results. I get the best results with chicken, asparagus, apples, and spinach (I add more of the greens if I’m hungrier or if I eat later than usual). I did an “apple day” early this week—it works if you stall. I guess it will get more difficult as I reduce my food intake further, but I will not be swayed from my goal. I’m excited to be heading further down this next week to the long lost Land of the 130 Pounds.  Join me!

If you’d like to experience the kind of life-transforming weight loss that Michele has benefited from since she began her doctor-supervised hCG diet at the San Francisco Plastic Surgery & Laser Center, visit our website or give us a call at (415) 392-3333 for a free consultation. Change is just around the corner!