How to Get Rid of a Double Chin

Double chins can be an embarrassing side effect of growing older—especially since they generally start to sag and wrinkle more and more as we advance in age. For some, having a double chin is not a question of being overweight, but rather of genetics; and if that’s the case, no amount of exercise or diet will make a difference. Regardless of where your double chin came from, if you’re looking to get rid of it, plastic surgery has solutions for you. If your skin in that area is still relatively taut and elastic, and the issue is merely a pouch of extra fat, then liposuction might be the answer; however, if you’re beginning to experience sagging or stretching of the skin on your neck, I’ve found that the best option is a lower facelift/neck lift.

The reason liposuction isn’t a viable option for older people is the thing that’s causing the problem in the first place—the skin. If your skin is already loose in that area, removing fat will only emphasize the folds that give you the double chin. A lower facelift or neck lift, meanwhile, functions by removing the skin and the excess fat in the area—improving the contour of the neck and jaw line, and tightening up the remaining skin so it can no longer pucker or sag.

If you’re tired of seeing a double chin in the mirror, consider coming in for a free consultation at our offices. We can go over your options, help you figure out which procedure would be most appropriate to address your particular needs, and put you on the path toward getting rid of that extra chin!