Inspira Breast Implants | Latest generation of implants from Allergen.

Inspira Breast Implants - San Francisco

Breast implants can help to accentuate your figure and boost confidence at the same time. However, you want to be 100% sure that the surgery is done by a competent doctor using the best products available. The leading name breast implants is undoubtedly Allergen.

Why choose Inspira Breast Implants from Allergen?

Allergen is the front runner in saline and silicone products, and its recent Inspira line of silicone breast implants have taken the world by storm due to their unparalleled quality of decreasing risks of rippling and rupture, which were two of the biggest concerns after a procedure. Allergen has been operating for more than 3 decades and produce top quality breast implants which have met with tremendous success. They are also in compliance with the highest safety and quality standards for Breast Augmentation at the Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute.

How are Inspira breast implants different from the rest?

As previously mentioned, the Inspira breast implants collection is the most advanced and latest generation of implants from Allergen. They are equipped with a highly durable silicone shell, which significantly lowers the chances of leakage or bursting, for silicone-filled implants, to limit the amount of silicone released across the shell during gel bleeds. The gel is available in two forms – a softer cohesive silicone gel for a more natural feel and an ultra cohesive silicone gel for decreased rippling. These robust implants provide a wide range of sizes and shapes for breast augmentation patients – you have over 300 varieties of smooth round and textured types to select from. This way you don’t have to settle for generic implants, as Inspira caters to all kinds of requirements.

Smooth or Textured - Take your pick

The smooth round variety of the Inspira line has five projection levels starting from low to extra-full profile in various sizes and widths, while textured implants comprise a round silicone-filled implant with a Biocell shell texturing in numerous sizes, projections and base widths.

The softer optoon of the two is known as TruForm1.  However, if less rippling is a concern, you may want to opt for TruForm2. Most patients opt for TruForm2 with moderate or full projection.

In addition to Inspira breast implants, The San Francisco Plastic Surgery & Laser Center offers various options for breast augmentation. Including Natrelle and Sientra.

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