Is Combining Chin and Nose Surgery Really the Best Choice?

According to a recent study, if you’re looking to improve your facial profile through plastic surgery, a combination rhinoplasty (nose surgery) and genioplasty (chin surgery) is probably your best bet. Not that many plastic surgeons needed a study to tell us that—in our field, it’s common knowledge that these procedures go hand in hand. But why, you might ask?

The answer to why pairing these two surgeries is often in a patient’s best interest is two-fold.

The first side of it is mostly logistical. Undergoing rhinoplasty and genioplasty simultaneously means only going through the surgical process once. Not only does this mean that you’ll spend less overall, it also means that you only have to get through recovery once (which means less time taken off of work, less time spent in discomfort, and less waiting before getting to enjoy your new look!).

The second side of it has more to do with your long-term results. The fact is, your nose and chin are probably the two most important features of your face in terms of how they affect its overall symmetry. If your chin is very prominent, it will make even a “normal”-size nose look relatively small, and if it’s barely there, your nose will look that much larger. Because of this relation between the two, many patients who initially thought they only wanted one feature changed—usually the nose—ultimately end up wanting to change the other as well. And those who undergo both procedures are often happiest with their results and end up with the best balance in their features.

All of this is dependent on what your facial features are like to begin with, of course—every person’s profile is unique, and it’s impossible to know exactly what will work for you until you’ve met with a plastic surgeon and discussed your options. That said, I’d love to help you figure out what your best course of action is! If you’re interested in learning more about combination rhinoplasty and genioplasty—or about just one or the other—call our offices today and set up a free consultation.