Is the New Trend in Butt Augmentation Right for You?

The royal wedding may be long over, but Pippa Middleton has been causing a lot of buzz since then—including in the plastic surgery world. Where once women came to cosmetic surgeons asking for a butt like Jennifer Lopez’s (or, more recently, Kim Kardashian’s), these days an increasing number are asking for one “like Pippa’s.” Shapely and rounded, yet modest in size, Middleton’s silhouette offers a new kind of choice for women interested in changing the shape or size of their behind—but is it the right choice for you?

If you’re considering butt augmentation and you’ve set your sights on a “Pippa Butt Lift,” the first thing you should do is talk to your plastic surgeon to find out what your options are regarding the procedure. If you have any fat to spare elsewhere on your body—your thighs or stomach, for example—you may want to have a Brazilian butt lift (fat transfer); but if you’re particularly slim (a size 2 or 4, for example), you’ll almost definitely need implants.

Regardless of which procedure ends up being right for you, a butt augmentation procedure can do wonders for your lower half. You do, however—as always—need to be realistic about your expectations. Pippa’s derriere may be the focus of the current fad, but if you have an entirely different body type from hers, you may want to choose the shape that best suits you. In the long run, this is about helping you feel good in your own body, not trying to make you a different person altogether—and the effects will last far longer than this trend likely will.

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