Jane Fonda Discusses Plastic Surgery on TODAY

Jane Fonda talked with Matt Lauer about aging, her decision to undergo plastic surgery, and the importance of exercise when she appeared on the TODAY show last month. Fonda decided to join the growing number of seniors who are having cosmetic procedures done, she says, when she saw her reflection and suddenly realized that she didn’t recognize herself anymore: “I was walking down the street one day and got a glimpse in the window and was like, ‘Who’s that?’ And I thought ‘Oh, my god, it’s me.’”

Like many other people who seek out plastic surgery later in life, Fonda’s decision to have work done underneath her eyes, on her chin, and on her neck hinged on her desire to have the face she sees in the mirror match up with the way she feels: “I feel so great and rested and looked so different . . . I decided I wanted to look more like how I feel.”

At 73, Fonda looks as fantastic as she always has. Of course, she has taken other measures besides plastic surgery in order to keep up her looks—she even released two new fitness DVDs recently—but the cosmetic work certainly hasn’t hurt.

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