Labiaplasty Revisions San Francisco - Corrective Labiaplasty

"Botched" Labiaplasty Correction Services

Have you undergone a labiaplasty procedure which produced less than desirable results? Unfortunately, this seems to be a growing trend as many women face this problem due to choosing an unreliable clinic or inexperienced surgeon. It's only natural to feel upset when you invest financially and emotionally in a procedure and the final result is unsatisfactory. An improperly done labiaplasty surgery might leave you with an irregularly shaped labia and severe scarring, or simply, an unsatisfactory end result. However, a corrective labiaplasty procedure performed by an experienced and reliable surgeon can fix the damage done during the initial surgery.


How does corrective labiaplasty work?

You will want to be sure to bring previous reports and documentation to your appointment. Restorative surgery might include reshaping, re-tightening, and other techniques to ensure the results meet your expectations. Irregularities caused from the initial surgery can be smoothed out and scars may be reduced. Soluble stitches are used, which dissolve on their own, thereby resulting in minimal scarring.


Why choose San Francisco Plastic Surgery & Laser Center?

We are proud to have the esteemed Dr. Usha Rajagopal at our practice. As one of the top cosmetic surgeons in San Francisco; Dr. Rajagopal has performed labia reduction as well as corrective procedures on countless patients while producing incredible results. A truly talented female doctor, she is extremely professional and takes the time to understand the concerns of her patients.  Give us a call today to schedule your free consultation!