Love Your Upcoming Look With Vectra 3D

Thinking about going under the knife? You’re not alone.

Hundreds of people opt to undergo popular surgeries like tummy tucks and breast augmentations each day. However, though there are 15 million different procedures completed in the US each year, you may still wonder how a procedure might look on you.

While it can help to have a doctor present photos of someone else’s surgery, what about yours? Each person’s body has shapes, pigments, and contours unique to themselves. Even after a face-to-face consultation, many find a typical 2D “preview” of a look isn’t enough to clear the fog of prospective surgery.

This is why one of the most frequently asked questions in our office is simply “what will I look like after my surgery?”

Patients like you want to know their outcomes before surgery, not after. While there’s no absolute way to project the future, new technology has made this more possible than ever. Introducing the powerful 3D Vectra XT imaging system, available at our Center.

What Is Vectra?

The Vectra imaging system, by Canfield Scientific, Inc, is revolutionizing the pre-surgery experience. It uses cutting edge technology to capture and digitally manipulate high-resolution images of your body.

With the Vectra, each 3D image captured uses your real dimensions, proportions, shapes and skin tones. It provides patients an in-depth way of previewing surgery like never before. Vectra is the tool of choice for patients seeking a breast augmentation or facial procedures such as rhinoplasty.

The digitization process takes only a few minutes. Vectra is an all-in-one system designed to capture the face, breasts, and body. With Vectra’s advanced software, your doctor can propose and demonstrate treatment plans: not to mention highlight areas of change.  

A few features of the Vectra include:

  • Automated Measurements - Experience accurate simulations of your real body

  • 360° Body Images - View your operation from every angle

  • Before and After Overlays - Compare the future to the present all at once

  • Dynamic Soft Tissue Modeling - Simulate the look and gravity of an implant

  • Simulated Body Contouring - See body volume change after surgery

  • Complementary Procedures - Preview multiple procedures at the same time

Why Choose Vectra?

While features speak for themselves, the results speak louder. Our patients feel empowered and have peace of mind with Vectra imaging. Some of the incomparable benefits of Vectra over traditional 2D imaging include:

  • Precision Planning: Take the guesswork out of the preparation equation. Detailed images can be used by your doctor to outline a plan of action for your individual procedure.

  • Clear Communication: Stay on the same page as your doctor. Ensure you have the same results in mind with detailed, demonstrable before and after simulations.

  • Multiple Outlooks: Compare your options before moving forward. View and compare different procedures/implant combinations to choose a look you’ve always wanted.

  • Informed Decisions: Make your decision with the ultimate resource. Choose to undergo surgery with the latest technology, with information tailored to you.

  • Satisfied Expectations: See the look before you leap. With an accurate preview of your body, you can love your upcoming look before it happens.

It’s 2017. You don’t have to expect the unexpected when it comes to life changing surgery. Check if your cosmetic surgeon has a 3D Vectra scanner. If you would like to read more about Vectra’s scope of power visit the Vectra website and click here.

At the Plastic Surgery and Laser Center, we carry a 3D Vectra XT for full body projections. Our Vectra is capable of scanning face and body for many procedures. Dr. Usha is a pioneer in female-specific procedures, including labiaplasty and breast augmentation. We use the newest in medical technology in all our procedures.

For more information about Vectra or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Usha click here.