RealSelf’s Most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures of 2012, a consumer review and information site for plastic surgery, released their findings last month about which were the most popular plastic surgery treatments last year—and what they had to say was pretty interesting! The website analyzed what they say are the “nearly 52 million searches” performed on its site throughout the year to gather their results. And they didn’t just look at baseline popularity—they looked at which treatments have seen noticeable increases in interest by plastic surgery patients over the past twelve months (even if they’re not necessarily the most commonly performed procedures overall).

One procedure that has skyrocketed in popularity this past year—and this will probably come as no surprise to most of you—is butt augmentation. According to RealSelf, 28% more visitors to their site performed searches about the surgery in 2012 than they did in 2011. As RealSelf’s VP of Community put it: “Butts are on the rise, no pun intended.”

Labiaplasty also experienced a marked surge in popularity—search interest in that procedure increased by 22% last year.

I suspect that the rise in interest in both butt augmentations and labiaplasty is at least partly due to the procedures’ high patient satisfaction rates. On RealSelf, for example, the Brazilian butt lift has a 92% “Worth It” rating, and labiaplasty has a 74% “Worth It” rating—both pretty high!

For more on RealSelf’s findings, head here. And if you’re interested in learning more about either of the procedures mentioned above, please give our offices a call and set up a free consultation with either Dr. Chiu-Collins or myself!