Removing Brown Spots and Age Spots from Asian Skin Effectively with ATV Lasers

Birthmark Removal with ATV Laser

Birthmark Removal with ATV Laser

Since lasers were introduced to the cosmetic surgery field for the treatment of skin spots and discolorations, they have been used to improve the appearance of thousands of patients—but only patients with certain skin types, until recently. This is because, over time, doctors discovered that for patients of certain ethnicities—especially patients of Asian descent—the lasers were too harsh. Instead of improving Asian skin pigment, these lasers caused it to worsen. The Alex Trivantage Laser changed all that.

Research has revealed that when removing brown spots with an alexandrite laser, a longer pulse width is gentler on the skin—every kind of skin, including Asian skin. With this discovery in mind, the Alex TriVantage (ATV) laser was designed with a long pulse mode that makes it possible to safely and effectively handle common skin conditions like freckles, age spots, lentigines, Café-au-Lait birthmarks, and Nevus of Ota (a pigmented lesion of the face, generally present from birth or surfacing during adolescence, that has always been notoriously difficult to treat) for patients of every ethnicity.

In addition to the longer pulse that makes it gentler on the skin, the ATV laser is also designed to be lighter and more flexible than past generations of lasers used for skin treatments. Unlike many other lasers out there, which have rigid, articulated delivery systems, the ATV laser has a flexible fiber-optic delivery system and an easy-to-manipulate handpiece. This makes it much easier for our highly trained staff to operate the laser more rapidly and more precisely—making every treatment simultaneously less time-consuming and more effective.

If you’re interested in finding out what our ATV Laser can do to improve your skin spots, don’t hesitate to give us a call and set up a free consultation. We are one of the few plastic surgery offices that offer treatments with this specific laser, and it really does work wonders. Most spots can be removed with about three to five treatments (light freckles can sometimes even be eliminated after only one treatment), and when combined with bleaching creams, results often improve even further. Come in today and learn more!