Breast reduction exercise

Breast Reduction Exercises – Does It Aid in the Final Result?

Breast Reduction – Can Exercises Aid in the Final Result?

Oversized breasts can be quite uncomfortable and may lead to chronic nerve problems and severe back ache. Just sitting in a comfortable position can be an ordeal. Participating in sports and similar activities becomes problematic as well.

What techniques are used?

Breast reduction surgery helps in alleviating pain and other issues while reducing and toning the breasts to create a look that is more proportionate to one’s frame. Below are some commonly used methods:

  • Standard incision – Usually done when large quantities of tissues require removal.
  • Vertical incision – Often known as the LeJour process, which involves tissue removal in moderate amounts and imparts a shapelier breast. It is one of the most popular procedures.
  • Scarless – Removal of fat via liposuction. Unlike a one-time surgery; it is generally carried out over several weeks.

Does exercise help?

Apart from surgeries, there are some potential breast reduction exercises that can aid in toning and reducing breast sizes.

Breast Reduction Exercises

Push Ups

Keep your hands on the floor and just a little farther apart than shoulder width – lift the body slowly and gradually lower it towards the floor. Your back needs to be straight, while the positioning of hands either further or closer apart regulates the intensity of push ups.


Using dip bars for this exercise, keep the lower legs crossed and knees bent, while extending yourself at arms length over and above the bars to where the chest almost touches the front of the bar. Lower and raise the body slowly.

Pec Deck Butterflies

This exercise requires a machine too, known as the Pec Deck machine. Adjust the seat to the correct height – once in the sitting position, bring the elbows and forearms together as you inhale, then returning to original position while exhaling.

Barbell Bench Press

Lie down with your back straight on the bench, and bring the weight to the top of the chest while inhaling, and then exhale while bringing the weight slowly down again. Please make sure you don’t touch the chest when the weight is brought down. Avoid arching the back.

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