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What is the Difference Between Labiaplasty and Vaginoplasty?

Loosening of vaginal muscles can be caused by multiple different factors – Sometimes due to childbirth, especially if there is more than one child, and others it is simply a side effect of aging. Whatever the reason, when vaginal muscles start to become lax, it can lead to an inflated, thick labia that increases labia discomfort for outdoor activities like cycling and horse riding, and hampers your sex life too. Some women also have a large, distended labia right from the time of birth. With the advent of sophisticated technology, it is possible to restore a certain degree of tightness in your nether regions. There are two techniques for this purpose – vaginoplasty and labiaplasty. People tend to use the terms interchangeably but they are definitely not the same.

Labiaplasty vs. Vaginoplasty


It is also referred to as vaginal rejuvenation or tightening, and as is evident, the procedure helps to tighten the inner muscles of the vagina by fusing the stretched muscle located at its rear end, which shortens it, using sutures for the muscles to pile up and narrow the cavity, cleaning up extra vaginal lining, and tightening the soft tissues around it. You need to recover for 4 to 6 weeks before resuming sexual intercourse and related activities. The reduced size of the vagina greatly heightens sexual pleasure – it will be worth the wait.


This procedure is exclusively for the labia minor and majora, commonly known as “vaginal lips”. Labiaplasty is for enhancing the outer appearance of the genital organs or reducing labia discomfort by shrinking the size of labia and reshaping it. There are two methods for this procedure such as:

  • The extra tissue around the labia is removed – the tissues are sculpted along the inner folds till the labia are shaped aesthetically and all irregularities have been surgically resolved.
  • The 2nd technique involves a sliver of tissue being cut out from under the labia, in a “V” shape, while the edges are sewn back together.

Absorbable sutures are placed post-surgery for healing, and you can make a full recovery within just 4 to 6 weeks.

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Everything you need to know about Vaginal Rejuvenation or Reconstruction Procedures

Vaginoplasty is not a new term anymore. Even if we don’t discuss it openly, it is a well-known and frequent surgical procedure these days. As is evident by the name, it helps to combat sagging skin around the vagina – the surgery tightens and tones it up. It is often combined with labiaplasty, where the shape of the vaginal lips is restored for cosmetic and practical reasons.  


Hullabaloo around vaginal reconstruction surgeries

These types of surgeries are known as vaginal rejuvenation techniques, and are increasing in popularity, albeit hush-hush, with each passing year. It has met with its share of controversies and criticisms, with doctors claiming the surgeries are unsafe and not necessary because it tampers with natural progression of the body, which eventually succumbs to aging. But then again, numerous reputed surgeons who built a career in this field, have strongly defended the procedures and backed up their statements with proof that the associated risks are minor and can be easily tackled.

Things to keep in mind:

Normal activities like cooking, light cleaning, etc. can be resumed shortly after the procedure is complete, although you have to abstain sexual intercourse for some time. It is natural to have concerns regarding side effects such as pelvic relaxation, vaginal prolapse, stress urinary incontinence, endometriosis, and pelvic pain, but vaginal tightening is totally safe. Women who are breastfeeding and have recently given birth can also opt for this surgery.

This procedure is great for post-menopausal woman. A technique called FemiLift enhances collagen production and remodeling in the vagina which in turn results in rugae or architecture surging back. It is a fantastic opportunity for a youthful vagina. However, it is advisable not to undergo surgeries while menstruating. If possible, try to schedule your procedure around your period.

How much does  vaginal rejuvenation cost?

This answer can’t be summed up in a single line, as it depends upon various factors such as the type of treatment administered, degree of correction required, extra care if needed, doctors charges and so on. At SF Plastic Surgery and Laser Center, we do our best to offer competitive and all-inclusive prices. Labia reduction for both minora and majora is $4200, while the fat transfer to labia majora is for the same amount as well. FemiLift costs $3200 for 3 treatment sessions, liposuction and lift of mons pubis is for $3100 and $5500 respectively, and laser vaginal resurfacing is about $1200. Lastly, the fillers for labia majora are priced at $650.

Note: This is the current list of costs, which is subject to change.

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