how to tighten your vagina

Exercises for Vagina Tightening

Wondering how to tighten your vagina?

Childbirth is a beautiful phase in life – it is lucky to be blessed with motherhood and even better when you experience this miracle more than once. It is the aftermath that takes a toll on you physically by causing the muscles in your vagina to become lax and lose its firmness. The problem worsens as you age.

This is a common problem faced by women – the only difference is some experience it sooner than others, but it is unavoidable. Even though we can’t stop it from happening, we can take steps to reduce the effects. Here are some simple, yet effective pelvic floor exercises that help in tightening the vagina – take a look:

Pull-ups – Slow & Fast Sit, stand or lie with your knees slightly apart and tighten the pelvic floor muscles right under your bladder as hard as possible. Do it gradually, count to five, relax, and repeat for five minutes. Reverse the rhythm by tightening and releasing the pelvic muscles quickly, over and over. Don’t tighten the abdomen, buttocks, back, or thighs – focus on pelvic floor muscles only, and perform repetitions in sets of ten for five minutes. One set consists of one tighten and release cycle.

Leg Raises While lying on your back, lift each leg into the air – make sure your leg is kept straight when you raise it. This movement helps to tighten muscles around the vagina, and also strengthens muscles of the leg and buttocks. Remember to switch legs at intervals.

Squats This exercise is beneficial for your body, while helping to restore firmness to the vagina at the same time. Stand with feet shoulder-wide, and keeping the hips tucked in, bend at the knees.

Vaginal Exercisers Did you know there are specific vaginal exercisers, designed for this purpose? They are available in cones, barbells, and balls with varied widths and weights. Whatever type you choose, it is slowly inserted into the vaginal opening and the muscles are tightened around it – the size of the exerciser can be reduced after some time as the effects become prominent; your vagina becomes firmer.

If exercising isn’t your cup of tea, go for vaginoplasty – surgical procedure to restore the tightness of your vaginal muscles and tissues. Dr. Usha Rajagopal is an expert in this field, with more than two decades of experience and 1000s of vaginal surgeries under her belt, Dr Usha can give you an honest consultation and help you to assess your needs. Give us a call or use the contact form to your right and we will contact you shortly.

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