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Vaginoplasty for Male to Female Transformation – Does it Work?

There are thousands of men around the world who feel like misfits in society as they are not comfortable with their gender. They often feel trapped in their current bodies and are unable to adjust to the psyche of a female. This condition is known as gender dysphoria or gender identity disorder and many are interested in undergoing surgery to rectify this problem. Male to Female or Sex Reassignment Surgery (Gender Reassignment) As is evident from the name, sex reassignment surgery (male to female), is a procedure for transforming males to the fairer sex physically and mentally. The surgery is of reconstructive type to change genital organs of a man into the genitals of the opposite sex. It involves removing the penis and testes, called penectomy and orchiectomy respectively, followed by vaginoplasty, which is essentially used for tightening vaginal walls and opening, but can be applied for constructing a vagina too, with sophisticated, cosmetic techniques.

A skin graft is used for vagina formation, while the canal and opening are constructed beneath the urethral opening and prostate gland. Sex reassignment surgery is often performed as a part of the entire process to change someone’s look, which comprises multiple surgeries. The timing and overall cost differs depending on several physical and physiological factors.

Are there risks involved? A few decades back, these reassignment surgeries posed major health risks and the success rate wasn’t that high. But nowadays, there are skilled surgeons in this field, who produce successful results aesthetically and functionally without any major complications. If you have decided to opt for vaginoplasty involving male to female transformation, it is important that you choose your surgeon carefully, or else there are risks of infection, bleeding, postoperative pain, and loss of some of the grafted skin.

Serious complications associated with the sex reassignment surgery are rectovagina fistula, a condition where a hole develops between the colon and the vagina, pulmonary thromboembolism and extensive bleeding. Temporary inability to urinate and wound disruptions can also occur after the surgery. It all depends upon the surgeon, their prior experience, and skill, so tread wisely.

Men who have always felt like prisoners in their current body can undergo male to female sex reassignment surgery as it gives them a new lease in life and let them adapt to a lifestyle of their choice.

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