Top 10 Tips You’ll Need to Know Before Breast Augmentation Surgery (And a Few Useful Secrets!)



The decision to get breast implants, depending on who you are, can either be a long road of deliberation and thought, or one of the easiest decisions you’ve ever made. Regardless of what boat you’re in, everyone who decides to undergo breast augmentation surgery can find common ground in having some amount of fear and uncertainty about the procedure. And for good reason – it’s a life changing event that will surgically alter your appearance! However, preparation and knowledge are great antidotes to fear for those who are feeling skittish. If you’re like me, you’ll spend hours poring over the internet and writing down everything you’ll need to know before the big day. Let yourself rest. We’ve done the work for you, and put together the top 10 most mentioned tips on the web that you’ll need to know before the big day – plus a few little known (and very useful) secrets!

1. Buy Another Bra. It’s a wonder that so many people forget this, but this is one of the most important steps you’ll need to take before surgery. Buy a comfortable, larger sized bra without underwire that will fit your new cup size. Doctors advise that all underwear worn should be cotton. No need to be sexy here! Comfort is key.

2. Get a Button Down Shirt. You’ll want have a loose fitting button down shirt to wear on the day of your surgery. They’re easy to open, easy to close and easy to get in and out of. While you’re at it, get a few more to wear during the recovery process.

3. Do Your Laundry and Clean Your House. Let’s face it, you’re not going to be able to do your laundry for at least a couple of weeks post-op. You’ll be spending the majority of your time in bed, so make sure this area is clean. Wash your pillowcases, sheets, and comforters – and have a few extra just in case. Clean your house so you’ll be able to recover with a clear mind in a clean space.

4. Stop Taking Aspirin. Prior to surgery, you’ll need to stop taking aspirin and all aspirin-containing medications and products. Aspirin thins the blood and can lead to surgical complications. Some surgeons recommend avoiding aspirin for at least 30 days before surgery, so consult with your surgeon for specifics.

5. Drink Lots (Water, Not Alcohol!) Drink lots of water on the days leading up to your surgery. Hydration is very important and can reduce nausea after the surgery. The catch? Stop drinking water by midnight the night before your surgery. In addition, avoid alcohol for at least 24 hours prior to the operation. Tempting as it may be to indulge in a de-stressing drink in the days prior to surgery, this must be avoided at all costs.

6. Stop Smoking. Do your best to quit smoking 4-6 weeks before surgery. If this isn’t possible, it is crucial to reduce smoking as much as possible. Smoking reduces oxygen levels in the blood, which can slow down the healing process. However, if you are having a breast lift, you will definitely need to abide by these rules. Smoking increases the risks of necrosis (tissue death) in those having breast lifts. Put that butt down, stamp it out, and hold on tight until after your operation.

7. Buy Cold Compresses. Yes, for your boobs! Buy an ice bra, or stock up on bags of frozen fruit at the store. You’ll need cold compresses to apply to your breasts after surgery in order to reduce swelling and pain.

8. Get Somebody to Lean On. You know how the song goes, “We All Need Somebody to Lean On…” You might feel like you can handle it on your own, but you’ll need someone to drive you and to help you with a few things after your surgery. Find a friend or get your spouse to transport you to and from your surgery, and to stay with you for at least 24 hours afterwards. You never know if you’ll need someone to help fetch you the remote, reach for a can of soup in the cabinet, or go on a drug store run.

9. Be Plain Like Jane (and Shower) There’s no need to go into surgery looking like Megan Fox after a day at the spa. Remove all makeup, jewelry, and nail polish. You’ll want to be clean for the surgery, so take a shower. You won’t be able to shower for quite some time post-op! Hint: Some patients might want to shave or have a wax job done prior to surgery as well, as this won’t be an option for at least a few weeks.

10. Have Food Ready. It’s time to hunker down and accept the fact that you probably won’t be leaving your house much for the next couple of weeks. Have some light, ready-made food easily available, as well as a few pre-made meals. Place them in lower shelves and cabinetry, since you won’t be able to reach over your head after surgery. Purchase some Ensure or Boost protein drinks for those days where you’ll have little to no appetite.

There you have it! The top ten most mentioned tips on the web you’ll need to know before the big day. For those who are ultra-prepared, here are a few extra useful secrets to help get you by.

*Pillows! Get pillows, pillows, and more pillows. You’ll need them to support your back as you sleep, to hug, and to lean on if it’s difficult to stay on your back. *Remove your nail polish so the nurses can get an accurate read on your oxygen levels and blood flow the day of your surgery. *Pay your bills. Make sure you have this covered so you won’t need to worry about it in the days following the operation. *Place your toilet paper on the floor before surgery so you won’t have to reach for it. *Buy a backscratcher so you can reach pesky back itches. *Get some entertainment. Books, magazines, and movies. Try to avoid comedies – laughing will constrict the chest and may cause pain. *Most importantly, be ready to enjoy the new-found confidence and the new you this change will bring!