What Are the Risks of Underground Plastic Surgery?

underground plastic surgeryAs the popularity of cosmetic procedures continues to grow, it’s not surprising that so many people are attempting to secure a corner of the market, especially by offering low prices. Cosmetic procedures can be expensive, after all; and although most plastic surgeons make great efforts to make their prices accessible—offering financing and other options—some prospective patients still think the cost is too high. What’s frightening, though, is how many unqualified, unlicensed individuals are offering underground plastic surgeries and other procedures—and how many people are soliciting their services because of the reduced expense. For many people, saving money is a persuasive enough reason to go underground for liposuction, silicone injections, and other procedures; in doing so, however, they’re putting their lives at risk.

If you think that the worst-case scenario that can result from a botched procedure is scarring or bad results, think again: In the past five years, there have been multiple deaths caused by underground plastic surgery operations in various states, including Florida, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Nevada. Complications can occur even in optimal conditions, of course; but the individuals responsible for these and other deaths were subject to zero regulations and were operating in ill-equipped condominium basements, apartments, and private homes, with no safety backups or trained staff on hand to help if anything went wrong.

If you’re planning to undergo a cosmetic procedure, don’t let yourself be taken in by discount costs and false promises. Any procedure you have done should be performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon in a safe, accredited facility. Ask about potential risks, and don’t take any shortcuts. Your life is too important to risk over a lower price tag.