What Can I Do About My Asymmetrical Breasts?

When it comes to breasts, every woman is at least a little bit asymmetrical—but for women with pronounced breast asymmetry, this fact isn’t very comforting. Many women who have asymmetrical breasts feel uncomfortable with or embarrassed by their body, especially those whose breasts are very noticeably uneven. There are many ways to deal with asymmetrical breasts, including some simple, nonsurgical options (using extra padding in one side of your bra to even out the two sides, for instance). However, depending on the level of asymmetry, it can be difficult to find bras that fit at all, even with padding—and if your embarrassment comes from what you look like when you’re out of your clothes, not in them, then this solution probably doesn’t sound that great to you.

If you want to even out your breasts for good, cosmetic surgery is probably your best option. In many cases, the easiest way to correct breast asymmetry is to get one breast to match the other—so if you decide you want corrective surgery, your first task is to choose which breast you like best. Once you’ve made your choice, you should consult with a plastic surgeon to determine which procedure will work best for you. If the breast you like is larger than the other, you’ll probably need to have an implant placed in the smaller breast; if you like the smaller breast, then a reduction is probably in order for the larger breast. Sometimes it’s also necessary to perform a breast lift or to reposition the nipple on one side.

Ideally, only one breast will need to be addressed in order to achieve better symmetry through cosmetic procedures. Realistically, though, it’s sometimes necessary to work on both breasts before they truly match, and even then they won’t be completely identical—it’s just not possible to make two breasts exactly the same. You will end up with proportional, well-matched breasts if you choose the right plastic surgeon, however—breasts that will make you feel confident when you look in the mirror.