What is the Difference Between a Breast Lift and a Breast Augmentation?

Breast AugmentationWomen seek cosmetic breast surgery for a variety of reasons, and in much the same way there are a variety of procedures that can provide the results they are looking for. There are two main procedures that are used to enhance a womans breasts: mastopexy (or breast lift) and augmentation (or breast enlargement). Depending on the desired results, a woman may choose one procedure or both procedures for maximum effect.

A breast lift is designed to do just that; lift drooping or sagging breasts into a more natural position. It doesn’t enhance the size of the breasts at all but instead repositions the tissue and nipple in a higher orientation. The result is a firmer, perkier looking breast while maintaining the same size as previously.

A breast augmentation increases the size, and sometimes the shape, of the breast. Implants are placed either over, or under, the pectoral muscle and result in a larger, more protruding breast. Implant size, shape, and placement all affect the final appearance of the breast. This procedure does not directly help with drooping or sagging breasts; in fact, placing implants in sagging breasts can result in an unnatural appearance where the upper portion of the breast is full but the lower portion appears pendulous.

Women who have small breasts that are sagging due to age, pregnancy, or breast feeding may find that a combination of both procedures provides the best results. A breast lift can help return breast tissue to a more natural position and implants can restore fullness.

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