What's a Belt Lipectomy?

belt-lipectomyA belt lipectomy—also know as a lower body lift—is a procedure for removing loose, sagging skin and fat from the waist (“belt”) area. It’s basically a more extensive tummy tuck, one that requires an incision that goes completely around the lower torso to allow for removal of excess skin and fat not just from the lower stomach but also from the sides and lower back. The belt lipectomy is ideal for people who have experienced substantial weight loss due to gastric bypass operation or diet and exercise, as well as for women whose midsections have been left stretched and saggy after multiple pregnancies. The procedure gets rid of all that bulging and looseness from around the waist—and as an added bonus, removing all that skin has the effect of lifting the buttocks in the process. If flat buttocks are an issue, patients can also opt to use some of the fat removed during the belt lipectomy to plump and contour them to the desired shape.

Another benefit of the belt lipectomy is that it gives the plastic surgeon access to the fascia and muscle of the abdominal wall, allowing them to tighten the area—which means that once you heal, you’ll have a flatter, firmer stomach.

The idea of an incision that goes all the way around your body may sound a little scary, but the results are truly impressive—and for those who have the kind of issues with loose and sagging skin that the belt lipectomy was developed to address, this is the only procedure that will effectively resolve them all. Rest assured that the scar will fade in time, and that—so long as you maintain your weight—the results will last forever!

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