Will you have any weight gain after breast augmentation?

weight gainA small amount of weight gain after breast augmentation surgery isn’t uncommon. Patients have reported up to 5 pounds of weight gain after breast implant augmentation. Breast implants tend not to weigh anymore than 2 lbs. You can calculate the exact weight of your implant by multiplying cc volume of the implant x 2.2 and dividing that number by 1000. This will provide you with the weight, in pounds, of the implant. For example, to calculate the weight of a 300cc implant, multiply 2.2×300 equals 660. Divide 660 by 1000, equals 0.66 pounds. Any additional weight may be attributed to water retention from the “stress of surgery” which should resolve with time.

If you notice slight weight gain after surgery, you may want to try weighing yourself again in a few months. I also recommend consulting with your plastic surgeon.

If you’ve noticed significant weight gain, you should contact your plastic surgeon as soon as possible.

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