Women “Very Satisfied” with Butt Augmentation

buttocksBreast augmentation procedures are as popular as ever these days . . . but it’s fuller bottoms that are really in the spotlight right now. Between curvy, fuller-figured stars like Kim Kardashian and petite but shapely celebrities like Pippa Middleton, there’s a wide variety of silhouettes that women are emulating through plastic surgery today—and according to a study presented last weekend at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons’ annual meeting, many of the women who have elected to undergo butt augmentation or Brazilian butt lifts say they’re thrilled with the results. Before fat transfer was perfected, implants were women’s only means of enhancing their buttocks. And they did the job—visually, at least—but many women reported finding them uncomfortable and impractical. Now, however, with the advent of Brazilian butt lifts (just another word for this kind of fat transfer), it’s possible to transform a flat or sagging butt into a perky, more attractive shape and size with nothing but fat from your own body—pretty amazing!

Honestly, I didn’t need a study to tell me how happy women are with the results of butt augmentation—I’ve seen it on the faces of my own patients. But it is nice to have some official data to back that knowledge up, of course!

In this study, plastic surgeons injected fat into fifty-eight patients’ buttocks after removing the fat from the women’s thighs and surrounding areas through liposuction. Afterward, the women were asked to rate their satisfaction with the procedure on a scale of 1 to 4 (4 being the best). Out of the fifty-eight, fifty-seven of the patients said they were “very satisfied” with the outcome, and none reported major complications of any kind post-op.

As always, a safety note: fat transfer sounds simple, but it isn’t child’s play. The fat used for these kinds of injections has to be purified before it’s safe to reintroduce to the body, and those of us who do it have been trained extensively on how to do so effectively and at minimal risk to our patients. For your own safety, never trust anyone but a board-certified plastic surgeon to perform any kind of liposuction or fat transfer on you.

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