Emsculpt + Coolsculpting Patient Review


“I purchased two cool sculpting applicators, one for the back of each of my arms. My arms have always been a trouble area where I collect extra fat. Only a month and a half later, I am already seeing a difference in fat reduction. Before cool sculpting, I would make a point to only purchase shirts with sleeves to try and hide my arms, but after seeing these results I am looking forward to wearing short sleeves and strapless tops all summer.

After my cool sculpting treatment, I decided to try out emsculpt as well. I did one 30 minute session on my abdominals. I am a fairly fit person. I worked at gyms for many years and workout regularly, but the tummy is always a difficult section to tone. With only one session, I noticed a difference in the way my abs popped. My stomach even felt flatter and I felt thinner. It's definitely great to do before a big event or trip! I would highly recommend! I received the treatment before going to Vegas for my birthday and received countless compliments on how good my abs looked in my outfit.”