Questions and Answers about Inverted Nipple Surgery and the Procedure

Can nipples invert again after surgery?

Corrective surgery for inverted nipples have a high success rate, and nipple inversion re-occurrence is not common. In few cases, it is possible that nipples can invert between months and years after the surgery is performed.

Will I be able to breast feed after surgery?

Patients may not be able to breast feed after surgery, because the milk ducts are severed. Inverted nipples may retract on their own during pregnancy. Women may consider child birth and nursing prior to having treatment done.

Is it possible to get a breast lift and/or breast implant done in conjunction with inverted nipple surgery?

Each procedure reduces the patients blood supply and is not wise to be done in conjunction – the healing process will take much longer.

Two percent of the female population are affected with inverted/retracted nipples. The nipples may be naturally inverted or it can be cause by a previous breast surgery, breastfeeding or infection to the milk ducts. The milk ducts are constrained by hardened tissue inside the breast. Sudden retraction of the nipples may also be a sign of breast cancer.

Many women may choose inverted nipple surgery to resize or reshape the nipples. Surgery may take a minimum of thirty minutes to perform and is done under local anesthesia at the San Francisco Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center. Treatment involves creating a small incision to release the milk ducts and applying a cartilage spacer to maintain the size of the nipples. The spacer may be left in for two to three weeks.

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