What is a Mini Facelift / Mid Face Lift?

As a person ages, the effects of gravity and time cause a loss of elasticity and sagging of the skin, especially deepening of the smile lines and forming of marionette lines (vertical lines that can form on either side of the mouth). When these changes are still minimal (especially when the person is in the late 30’s, or late 40’s), a mini face lift can be performed to tighten and reposition the skin producing a more rested, refreshed look. After a mini face lift, patients will notice diminished smile lines and diminished of marionette lines.

Where is the scar in a Short Scar Face lift?

The incision starts at the temporal hairline and extends in the natural curves in the front of the ear and ends just below or behind the earlobes.

What is a short scar facelift?

A MACS lift repositions the skin and tissues that are affected by aging. The primary difference between the MACS lift and the traditional facelift is that the scar is greatly minimized. The scar behind the ear and hairline is eliminated. With the scar eliminated women can wear their hair up in a pony tail or French twist and men can keep their haircut short.

Who are the best candidates for the MACS lift?

It is generally for the younger patient usually under the age of 60.

What type of anesthesia is used?

Since the facelift has minor incisions it can be performed under local anesthesia combined with twilight anesthesia. Patient’s wake up immediately after surgery and recover more smoothly as compared to a general anesthesia.

How long is [facelift] recovery?

It is approximately 10-12 days at which time patients can return to work and wear some makeup.

What is the difference between a Face Lift and a Mini Face Lift?

The incisions for a mini face lift are smaller compared to a traditional face lift. They begin in the hairline and extend along the natural line in front of the ear and stop just behind the earlobe. The mini face lift procedure is done more quickly (usually only about 3 hours), and the recovery time is also shorter (most patients are back to work in a week). With a mini face lift, only the isolated areas of the mid section of the face (such as nasolabial folds) will be addressed. For many patients who feel that these isolated areas are the most significant, a mini face lift is a great solution. On the other hand, a full face lift will improve areas like the neck-chin angle, and restore tighter jawline definition. While a mini face lift rejuvenates the mid-face area (which is what the term “Mid Face lift” refers to), a full face lift may be suggested to patients with sagging or droopiness in the jowl area, or to tighten up the neck muscles.

What is a Weekend Face Lift?

The phrase “weekend face lift” is used in a variety of ways depending on the doctor. Some surgeons advertise a mini face lift as a “weekend face lift” because the recovery time is quick when compared to the traditional face lift procedure. Other procedures (cheek lift, vertical cheek lift, endoscopic forehead lift, or microsuction of the neck) have also all been described in similar ways by advertisers as a “weekend facelift”. There is another procedure that some doctors perform as a “weekend face lift” in which a laser is used on the inside surface of the face, along with liposuction. The American Society of Plastic Surgery does not recommend the use of lasers on the inside surface of the skin due to safety concerns.

Does your face show signs of aging, such as an increase of lines, creases, and folds?  Do you feel as though they make you look tired or detract from the overall beauty of your face?  If so, you may wish to consult with Dr. Usha Rajagopal of the San Francisco Plastic Surgery & Laser Center about rhytidectomy (facelift surgery).

By performing a rhytidectomy (also known as facelift surgery), Dr. Rajagopal can enhance your face’s overall appearance, resulting in a more youthful look

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