Revisional Labiaplasty

Botched Surgery? Dr. Usha Rajagopal Can Help.

Many women opt for female vaginal rejuvenation procedures such as Labiaplasty. While some women are born with an enlarged labia, a deformed labia could also be the result of piercings, cysts, tumors, or other medical conditions. Whatever the reason, what happens if an attempt at correcting this defect goes wrong and you are left with unsatisfactory results due to a “botched” procedure? Unfortunately, we see many cases like this.

Labia minora or labia majora is an extremely delicate area of the body, which is why great caution should be exercised when it comes to surgical procedures in these nether regions. Inexperienced doctors, clumsily performed surgeries, and mishaps can lead to further damage of the labia. Often causing the labia to protrude even further than before, or overly swollen/large vaginal lips that cause acute discomfort while walking or sitting. “Botched” surgeries can also result in painful injuries around the labia in the form of scars or holes.

What can be done?

Our esteemed female surgeon Dr. Usha Rajagopal is quite experienced in performing revisional labiaplasty and will correct any previous attempts which produced disappointing results. All issues involving irregularly shaped labia can be corrected with the use of proper technique while performing the labiaplasty surgery. Side effects of incorrectly performed surgeries which include: pain, scarring, protrusions, etc. are corrected. We use the latest equipment for all procedures with soluble stitches in order to prevent marks.

With nearly 20 years of experience in cosmetic surgery, Dr. Rajagopal takes time to really listen to her patients’ concerns and is blessed with a truly artistic vision; allowing her to produce your desired result.

If you have any questions regarding the Revisional Labiaplasty, or wish to schedule a consultation with Usha Rajagopal, MD, please call the San Francisco Plastic Surgery & Laser Center at 415-392-3333.