About Transgender Surgery in San Francisco

Gender Identity Disorder(GID) or gender dysphoria describes those who feel that their outward appearance doesn’t match their gender identity.
transgender surgery in san francisco
transgender surgery in san francisco

Transgender surgery,  also known as sex reassignment surgery (SRS) may involve multiple procedures and can be performed on males or females who are transitioning into the opposite gender, respectively.

Female to Male

Top surgery may involve a bilateral mastectomy,  removal of all breast tissue(which may prevent cancer). Horizontal incisions are made across the bottom of the nipples to remove fatty tissue and mammary glands with a scalpel. Nipples are repositioned using the pedicle technique to maintain sensation. The nipples are positioned higher from a stalk of tissue for a more aesthetically pleasing outcome. This method is recommended for patients who are cup sizes B+.

Another method may include the keyhole/peri-areolar incision. Incisions are made around the areola, and fatty tissue is scooped out with a scalpel and liposuction. This method is recommended for patients with small amounts of breast tissue(cup sizes A).

Surgery is performed under general anesthesia and may take up to four hours. This procedure is done on an outpatient basis. Dr.Usha Rajagopal will visit and follow up with her patients to remove sutures, and check in on the patients healing process. Allow up to four weeks to heal, including no rigorous activity for up to two months.

Male to Female

 Top surgery may involve

breast augmentation

, and


which can provide a more feminine appearance. Other options include

facial fillers

and a

lip lift



can be an additional procedure to create a more feminine physique.

Laser hair removal

may be a finishing touch.

Breast Augmentation(MtF)

The hormone Estrogen can develop some growth of breast tissue, but results vary from patient to patient. Another option to achieve fuller breasts include breast augmentation. The surgical techniques used for this procedure is not different for genetically born males or genetically born females. Please read more about breast augmentation and the different options provided by Dr.Usha Rajagopal




This procedure may be done to feminize facial features of the patient. The proportions of a male and female nose differ by size and width. The male nose may be thicker, and wider. Where as the female nose may have more soft features, including more tip elevation. Dr.Usha Rajagopal will work with patients individually to find the gender appropriate nose that will fit their new aesthetic appearance. Please read more about rhinoplasty



Lip Lift(MtF)

This procedure may be done to feminize facial features of the patient. Female upper lips are usually shorter than male upper lips and expose the upper teeth. This trait is also a sign of youthfulness. Dr.Usha Rajagopal creates an incision right underneath the nose and removes a piece of skin and muscle(shaped like a bull horn). The remaining skin is stitched together, resulting in a more feminized appearance. If you’re in the process of considering a lip lift, short term options include lip fillers. Please read more about lip augmentation and fillers



Questions about Transgender Surgery in San Francisco

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