Kelly S. Santa Clara - 11/9/2016
Where do I start....Dr. Raja did an absolutely amazing job on my breast augmentation. I used to be a 34DD, I lost weight and with the weight went my boobs. I went to Dr. Raja for help to make me feel as beautiful on the outside as I felt on the inside. She did just that and so much more. 

She is so caring and her staff is absolutely amazing as well. I highly recommend her for your breast aug. I've also gotten Botox and love my results! Thank you and your staff, I feel like part of the family not just a patient.

breast reduction_ba_6.jpg

LK K. San Francisco, CA - 5/31/2016
Over the past 18 months I have had four procedures with Dr. Rajagopal, and have been extremely pleased with the results of each one. The results have all been what I was hoping and expecting, and the recoveries from each were very smooth. Dr. Rajagopal is very trustworthy, kind, and easy to talk to, will be very realistic with you about the probable outcome of the procedure, and will not hesitate to advise you against a procedure you do not need or that will likely not have a good result. I also feel her prices are very fair and reasonable, and unlike many surgeons, they are all-inclusive (i.e., they include not only her fee but the anesthesiologist fees, hospital fees, etc.). I have had several reconstructive surgeries over the years with other doctors, and have been unhappy with many. However, I have been very happy with all of Dr. Rajagopal’s work for me, and she is the first one I will seek out for any future procedures.

Tyler G. San Francisco, CA - 4/30/2016
Coolsculpting was and is the best thing to ever happen to me!!  I came to San Francisco Plastic Surgery & Laser Center two months ago for my initial free consultation. From the beginning the staff was very informative and nice.  I did my first treatment two weeks after the consultation. They told me to expect results within 1-3 months, but WOW… It’s been 1.5 months and I already see improvement.  They provided me with a treatment plan and helped prioritize the areas of my most concern. I left knowing I will most likely need additional treatments to get the improvement I truly desire. I will definitely be coming back for more Coolsculpting! They even have great package deals that I took advantage of.

Kaleigh J. San Francisco, CA 1/21/2016
I have been seeing the Doctor for over 2.5 years now for Botox to help with migraines and I can not say enough great things about her and her practice!

Each of the assistants at the front desk are always happy to check you in and answer any questions. Dr. Usha Rajagopal is the best and is always on time (I usually scheduled my appointments over lunch breaks, so this is important to me). Dr. Rajagopal is so sweet, intelligent and truly listens to your concerns, I have never felt rushed and she has always answered all of my questions! She will always offer the best suggestions for what will be best for you and what you want to accomplish.

I originally went to her office because of her high reviews on here and she is one of the only practices I found that will sell Botox by the unit – not vial. As I am using for the benefit of migraines, I didn’t not want to look “done” or “over-done” with a whole vial.  And I also think it’s important to see a board certified plastic surgeon for Botox. I’m happy to say I look even better than I did before (less fine lines :)) and have had substantial improvement with dealing with my migraines!! I highly recommend trying if you suffer from migraines or if you want to look your best – but not over done, or both! :)

Thank you Dr. Rajagopal & her amazing staff!!

Marissa R. San Francisco, CA12/26/2015
I am so glad I found San Francisco Plastic Surgery and Laser Center. I went in for botox in my jaw muscles to treat TMJ/grinding teeth. Botox in these muscles weakens the muscle to prevent from grinding which stops the headaches that come with it.

I’ve been to many clinics before as I’ve been doing botox for TMJ for almost 4 years. It’s difficult to find someone that is affordable and knows just the precise spots to hit to really penetrate the muscle and achieve that results you need. In the past, I was so paranoid about getting too much at once and it effecting my smile but realistically, that isn’t the problem you’ll run into with botox for your jaw muscles. The common problem is it not being recommended enough, the use of generic botox that isn’t as strong so you don’t see the results they promise, and most importantly when you’re not penetrated in the right areas- which makes it uncomfortable when getting it done and the muscle isn’t weakened enough in the long run to stop the teeth grinding.

I saw Gyna who was amazing. I didn’t run in to any of these problems with her. She was so sweet, answered all my questions about the type of botox, and recommended the perfect amount. Because of my TMJ my face is asymmetrical so she did a different number of units on each side to find that balance. It’s been 3 weeks prior (when you see it the most) and it’s perfection. She was so gentle and poked just the right areas that it felt good to release that tension in my jaw and calm the muscle- weird, I know but it’s the truth! If you have questions or are thinking of trying botox for TMJ or just face slimming for your first time, I definitely recommended seeing Gyna @ SFPSLC. She’s very informative for you first timers and knows exactly what she’s doing. You’ll be in great hands, trust me 

Erika P. Vallejo, CA - 5/3/2015
I love Dr. u! She doesn’t try to sell you other treatments … And actually discourages you from treatments you don’t need.  She puts your health first.   She has an amazing bedside manner, and from the first moment I met her I felt comfortable with her. She made ME comfortable and even though I’m still healing — I’m extremely confident from what I can that I’ll have good results.  The only problem I have is a what I believe was a miscommunication problem so I will not mention it here until it is resolved.
I had a lolly pop lift and breast implants and I’ve gotta say it’s so much less painless than I thought it would be and I’m convinced it is because of her! I’ll update this as I heal but she’s amazing!

Amber L. San Francisco, CA 7/21/2015
I first came to Dr Rajagopal in 2007 for a breast augmentation and a partial lift. I had done tons of research prior to settling on Dr Usha. What stood out to me the most, was the genuine care and understanding that she and her staff displayed. She listened intently, and I could tell that she truly took in all I had to say before giving her opinion on what she thought would be best for me in my situation. She worked WITH me instead of trying to overpower me, which some Doctors tend to do. Another reason for my decision to choose Dr Usha was her many years of experience, awards and her all woman practice. To my surprise, I was also able to view her assistants breast augmentations first hand which really gave me an idea of what i wanted and of her work. In addition to all of this, she offers a free consultation.

Her office itself is beautiful, very feminine and extremely clean with a calming feel. At that time, she had the surgery center connected to her office which was super convenient. I was very happy with the results and to this day, am very happy. One more thing that i feel is important to note, After the surgery I went and worked out too soon and popped a few stitches in my areola. Ouch! Not to worry though! The Dr. got me in right away and took me into surgery to fix it within days. 8 years later, they still look great. And recently in 2015, I wanted her to check my breasts for areas that i felt a little tissue had built up in, and she gladly saw me with no charge. Since then, I have done botox and fillers in my forehead, parentheses lines, lips and glabella areas (frown lines). All have gone smoothly. The office always calls me to check up on me a couple days after. They also offer a f/u office visit, if needed. Dr Usha Rajagopal is a great Doctor and someone you’d naturally want to put your trust in. This review was long overdo but very easy to write because she has been nothing but a faithful and trusting Doctor to me. I will continue to return to Dr Usha as needed throughout the years. I would hands down recommend her to anyone looking for quality and caring plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is nothing to take lightly. Do your research and really get a feel and understanding for who you decide to trust. I’d trust Dr Usha over and over again.

Jazmine S. South San Francisco, CA9/30/2014

Her staff is very friendly and helpful. They know how to put you at ease making these tough decisions to get surgery or not and with the after process.

Dr.Usha herself was great to work with. She answered every question I had over and over again and let me come in as many times to make sure I was making the right choice. She is very honest with you and what will look good and what won’t. She wants you to be happy with your results and she makes sure you are. She isn’t pushy at all. She’s not about making us barbie dolls… She wants us leaving her feeling and looking even better when we first got to her.

They are very good with after care as well. They really take care of you.

I highly recommend this place! They are all great!