7 Shocking Plastic Surgery World Records



Worlds largest breasts

Maxi Mounds holds the record for the largest augmented breasts. Currently wearing a US size 42M bra (UK 42J), Ms. Mounds is the first person to ever hold the record for the world’s largest breast augmentation. Guinness created the world record just for her.

Apparently, this is a coveted position (a Brazilian model almost died in the process of trying to beat the world record.)

Another women trying to claim the record for the worlds largest breasts had to have them removed — she claims she will try to have the surgery again in the future.



Ted Eisenberg, the surgeon holding the world record for the most breast augmentations every performed

Surgeon performing the most breast implants

According to Guinness, Plastic Surgeon Ted Eisenberg has performed 3,460 breast augmentations. Turns out he is also a knife throwing hobbyist (pictured above with his knives).



Guo Feng holds the record for the largest male natural breasts. He says if doctors can’t help him he will cut them off himself.

Man with the largest natural breasts

Not exactly in the category of plastic surgery, but interesting all the while. Feng Guo said if doctors can’t do anything for him he will cut them off. He might be interested to hear about gynecomastia surgery.



Person with the most cosmetic surgeries in the world

Record for the most cosmetic surgery procedures

Guinness confirmed as of June 2010 that Cindy Jackson has had the most cosmetic surgery procedures. According to Guinness, she has spent $99,600 on 47 cosmetic procedures including, but not limited to:

  • three full facelifts

  • two nose operations

  • two eye lifts

  • liposuction

  • knees, waist, abdomen, thigh and jawline surgery,

  • lip and cheek implants,

  • chin bone reduction

  • and more



Plastic surgeon with highest Donkey Kong score

Yes, as in Donkey Kong, the video game. Dr. Chien’s score, 1,061,700 points (racked up in just 2 hours and 35 minutes) was verified by Twin Galaxies, the official keepers of DK records since 1981.


Earliest plastic surgery

Walter Yeo was the first recorded person to have plastic surgery. In 1917, skin grafts were transferred from his shoulder to his face to replace both upper & lower eyelids which he had lost in 1916 during the Battle of Jutland during the First World War.

View images of his transformation here.


Earliest successful full face transplant

The earliest successful full face transplant (pictured here) was performed by a team of doctors from the Vall d”Hebron University Hospital, Barcelona, Spain, on March 20, 2010.