Wearing a Bra after Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

There’s nothing more exciting than going bra shopping after breast augmentation surgery. Suddenly, every cute bra that didn’t fit before looks great! Before you spend half of your next paycheck at Victoria’s Secret, there’s a few guidelines to follow regarding wearing a bra after breast augmentation.

What’s the soonest I can wear a Bra after My Surgery?

During the first six weeks, I advise patients to wear a sports bra, preferably with a zipper in front so it is easy to remove. I recommend buying one cup size larger than your normal size. So, if you are a small, you should buy a medium.

Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

Although sports bra shopping may not be as exciting as the polka dotted & lacy bras, there is some variation in style.

There are three brands for sports bras that I recommend: Champion from Target (pictured left), Underarmor from Sports Authority, and Danskin from Walmart

To Underwire or Not?

After six weeks of wearing a sports bra, you can start wearing a regular bra, but not one with an underwire.

I don’t recommend wearing an underwire bra for 3-6 months after surgery due to certain risks. The skin tissue around your breast will be thin & you may experience numbness. The wire can rub without your knowing & cause irritation. In addition, if you have an inframammary incision, you should wait until the incision is completely healed to wear an underwire bra.

The Bra Timeline

When you first leave the office, you will return home wearing a sports bra. You will be advised to continue to wear the sports bra for six weeks. You can then transition to a regular bra (and go bra shopping!). But, remember, no underwire bra for 3-6 months.

Bra Shopping

Finding a bra that fits may be easier than before, but you should still follow a few guidelines below to make sure it fits perfectly:

* The band shouldn’t ride up in the back. It should remain at the same level as the front. * If you need to shorten the straps in order to lift your breasts, try a size smaller. * If there is any excess space between your nipple & the cup, the bra doesn’t fit. Try Lycra. It tends to conform to breasts better.