San Francisco Rated America’s Vainest City

san franciscoThe Daily Beast recently rated “America’s Vainest Cities” and San Francisco placed #1.

Rankings were determined by: body mass figures, & spending on “personal care”—at drugstores, salons, & other beauty centers.

The top 5 vainest cities are:

  1. San Francisco: Residents spend $111 monthly on personal care, 50.3% aren’t overweight, and 20.4% are gym members.
  2. Boston: At 23.2%, more belong to gyms than in San Francisco, but residents only spend $106/ month on personal care
  3. New York City: Personal care spending is just $81 a month per person
  4. Los Angeles: Approximately 39% of residents aren’t overweight.
  5. Hartford: Some 17.2% of residents belong to gyms.

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