Top 10 Best US Cities for Plastic Surgery

Despite a faltering economy, the demand to be beautiful continues to surge. In 2010, Americans spent 10 billion dollars and had over 13.1 million cosmetic procedures, a 5% increase from 2009. Since the number of cosmetic surgeries is on the rise, we reviewed the best cites to be “nipped & tucked.” There were predictable entries like Miami & San Francisco, but also surprising ones like Sacramento and Balitmore. Most shocking of all was the city that placed second: Atlanta, Georgia.

Plastic Surgery

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Determining Plastic Surgeons Per Capita

To rank the cities, we obtained the number of plastic surgeons in each city from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). The ASPS represents about 90% of all Board Certified Plastic Surgeons. While it is possible for plastic surgeons to practice without board certification, it is highly recommended that patients only seek out Board Certified plastic surgeons.

Next we calculated the number of Board Certified plastic surgeons per every 100,000 people. Population statistics were pulled from US Census Bureau. We didn’t include anyone under the age of 18 (minors only account for 2% of cosmetic surgeries nationwide).

Although New York has the most plastic surgeons (249 total) in the US, it only placed 42 out of 50. Unexpected cities such as Nashville, & Lousiville may have risen to the top ten due to university programs and centers that focus on plastic surgery and/or an influx of younger more affluent people to smaller cities.

The complete list (top 50) Number of Plastic surgeons per 100,000 people under the age of 18

Miami Florida 18
Atlanta Georgia 15.9
Dallas Texas 10.5
San Francisco California 10.5
Sacramento California 10.3
Baltimore [d] Maryland 9.6
Nashville [g] Tennessee 9.5
Louisville [g] Kentucky 9.3
Seattle Washington 9
Washington District of Columbia 8.12
Houston Texas 8.1
Portland Oregon 8
Fresno California 7.1
Austin Texas 7
Tucson Arizona 7
Honolulu [b] Hawaii 6.9
Columbus Ohio 6.7
Boston Massachusetts 6.6
San Antonio Texas 6.5
Oklahoma City Oklahoma 6.5
Las Vegas Nevada 6.4
Charlotte North Carolina 6.3
Denver Colorado 6
Virginia Beach [e] Virginia 5.7
Jacksonville Florida 5.6
Omaha Nebraska 5.6
San Diego California 5.2
Indianapolis [g] Indiana 5.2
Milwaukee Wisconsin 5.1
Tulsa Oklahoma 5.1
Albuquerque New Mexico 5
Memphis Tennessee 4.9
Colorado Springs Colorado 4.8
Long Beach California 4.6
Oakland California 4.5
Raleigh North Carolina 4.3
Minneapolis Minnesota 4.3
Chicago Illinois 4.2
Cleveland Ohio 4.2
Philadelphia Pennsylvania 4.1
Fort Worth Texas 4
New York New York 3.8
El Paso Texas 3.6
Kansas City Missouri 3.6
Phoenix Arizona 3.4
Los Angeles California 3.3
Arlington Texas 3.3
Mesa Arizona 2
San Jose California 1.9
Detroit Michigan 1.9