Inverted Nipple Correction Surgery

What is an inverted nipple?

Two percent of the female population are affected with retracted or inverted nipple. The nipples may be naturally inverted or it can be caused by previous breast surgery, breastfeeding or infection to the milk ducts. The milk ducts are constrained by hardened tissue inside the breast. If one or both of your nipples have sudden retraction, it may be a sign of breast cancer, so you should meet with a breast specialist to rule out any other medical conditions.

Inverted Nipple Correction Procedure

Many women may choose to correct this with surgery by resizing or reshaping the nipples. This is typically a minor surgical procedure that may take a minimum of thirty minutes to perform and is done under local anesthesia at the San Francisco Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center. Treatment involves creating a small incision to release the milk ducts and applying a cartilage spacer to maintain the size of the nipples. The spacer may be left in for two to three weeks. This surgical procedure may even be performed during other cosmetic breast procedures such as: Breast AugmentationBreast Lift, or Breast Reduction in order to enhance the overall appearance of your breasts.

Note: In milder cases, the inverted nipple may be retracted simply by stimulating the area and manually pulling the nipple out.

After Surgery

Dr. Usha Rajagopal uses a few small sutures to close the incision, leaving a virtually invisible scar underneath the base of the nipple. There may be some swelling and bruising after treatment. Patients may resume all regular activity in a minimum of two days.

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