Vaginal Tightening / Vaginoplasty

Vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure that helps to tighten vaginal muscles, and repair soft tissue that may have been affected by childbirth, aging, or injury. Vaginoplasty procedures have both surgical and non-surgical variations and can involve removal of tissue, and PRP injections.

As a pioneering cosmetic surgeon and vaginal rejuvenation authority, Dr. Usha Rajagopal is at the forefront of vaginal procedures in the Bay Area.

Why Vaginal Tightening?

Whether due to aging or childbirth, a weakening of the vaginal muscles has major effects in a woman’s personal life. In intimate settings, it’s frictional movement against vaginal walls that makes intercourse pleasurable for partners. If the vaginal muscles are lax, partners may not experience physical sensation necessary for sexual gratification. This can lead to frustration for relationships beyond intercourse.

A vaginoplasty (vaginal tightening) procedure addresses the root cause of this discomfort-- the weakened vaginal muscles. By tightening the muscles along the vaginal canal and by repairing soft tissue, the overall diameter of the vagina can be reduced. This tightening can increase friction during intercourse and provide a higher level of satisfaction for both partners.

Vaginoplasty is often combined with other procedures such as labiaplasty, monsplasty, or “O” Shot + PRP to improve sexual pleasure as part of complete vaginal rejuvenation.

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Vaginal Tightening Procedures

Non-Surgical Laser (FemiLift)

FemiLift is a minimally invasive procedure using Co2 laser technology. FemiLift works by sending pulses of laser energy into the collagen layer of the inner vagina. Tissues are remodeled and collagen contraction begins, tightening the vagina and strengthening the ligaments surrounding the urethra and bladder. 

The FemiLift procedure takes about 10 minutes or less and is performed in our office. The procedure is painless, minimally invasive, and there is no need for anesthetics. 

Non-Surgical RF (ThermiVa) 

ThermiVa is a new non-surgical alternative to traditional vaginoplasty surgery, offered exclusively by physicians trained by ThermiVa providers.

ThermiVa is the most current FDA cleared ThermiHealth procedure, using radiofrequency (RF) in a new, non-invasive, non-surgical procedure for vaginal laxity. RF positive effects on the body have been used in physical therapy practices for decades. This innovative RF device encourages collagen production which may help in tissue and nerve healing. 

The ThermiVa procedure is painless. It takes 10 minutes for labia majora reduction and 15-20 minutes for vaginal tightening per session. Three sessions are recommended. There are no anesthetics applied or downtime for this procedure.
Women can resume regular sexual activity the same day they receive ThermiVa treatment. 

Vaginal Tightening - Surgical

For women with more severe vaginal looseness or laxity, surgical vaginoplasty may be recommended.

Vaginal Tightening is performed at our state of the art San Francisco location. The procedure is is conducted under either local or general anaesthetic and takes approximately 60-120 minutes to complete. The surgery involves tightening stretched or loosened muscles at the back of the vagina, the removal of excess tissue, and the rejoining of tissue to reduce the diameter of the vagina.

Vaginoplasty takes about 60-90 minutes to complete. The length of the surgery may be extended if other procedures (such as for a mommy makeover) are completed in the same session. This surgery is performed on an outpatient basis. Patients may go home the same day they undergo the procedure.

Benefits and Candidacy

This procedure is for women looking to:

  • Improve sexual sensation
  • Improve the appearance of genitalia and restore self-esteem
  • Address stress incontinence (involuntary loss of control when coughing, sneezing, laughing, exercising, or sex)
  • Address menopausal dryness
  • Reduce overall sag and laxity

The strongest candidates for this procedure are women in good physical health with realistic expectations of the procedure’s benefits and their body. Vaginoplasty is safe for women of all ages.Vaginoplasty is commonly requested by women who no longer wish to become pregnant.


Risks and Recovery

As with any type of surgery, surgical vaginoplasty has a few risks and complications. Women who undergo surgical vaginoplasty may experience:

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Discomfort
  • Swelling
  • Changes in Sensation
  • Persistent Pain
  • Scarring

You’ll need up to one week off work to recover following vaginal tightening surgery. Full recovery from will take between six to eight weeks, depending on your body, health and the extent of treatment. 

Avoid strenuous activity and exercise during this time, including any sexual intercourse until you are fully healed. There is a risk of reopening incisions from physical stress, which can require surgery.

Once Dr. Usha confirms your body is healed you may resume regular activity and sex. If you have concerns about risks or recovery, contact Dr. Usha with any questions you have.

The risks and recovery time is minimal for non-surgical vagina tightening procedures, including both FemiLift (Laser) and ThermiVa (RF). After each session with us, you may resume regular physical activity and sex the same day treatments are applied.

Vaginal Tightening Frequently Asked Questions

What are the primary benefits of vaginal rejuvenation?

A vaginal rejuvenation includes tightening of the vagina. A tightened vagina allows for increased friction during sexual intercourse. The primary benefits of vaginal rejuvenation are greater sexual stimulation and an improved sex life for both woman and partner. These changes can boost confidence and sense of self for a woman.

How do I know what kind of procedure (surgical vs. non-surgical) is right for me?

If your issues are minor vaginal laxity or minor-to-moderate urinary stress incontinence, non-surgical options are often recommended. If you have severe urinary stress incontinence or want significant tightening, then a surgical procedure is required. Visit Dr. Usha for a consultation to determine the right kind of procedure for your body.

What other procedures are often combined with vaginal tightening?

Watch Dr. Rajagopal perform the O-Shot procedure on a patient.

Some of the common procedures you can combine with vaginal tightening include: “O” Shot with PRP, labiaplasty and monsplasty.

The “O” Shot with PRP involves injecting platelet enriched plasma into the area in the vagina that increases sensation to help a woman achieve faster and stronger orgasms. Along with a vaginoplasty, a labiaplasty can be performed to alter the labia minora and majora. The external introitus of a vagina can be tightened to appear tighter on the outside to enhance a tightening procedure. If the mons area appears loose or puffy, then liposuction can be performed as a part of a monsplasty procedure.

How soon after childbirth can I have a vaginoplasty?

The minimum is 6 weeks, while the ideal time period is closer to 6 months. See Dr. Usha for a consultation and evaluation of your healing progress.

How long do I have to wait to have sex after a vaginoplasty?

With surgical vaginoplasty the minimum is 2 months, at which time you may start vaginal softening exercises. This takes approximately 2 weeks. Usually after 2 ½ to 3 months you may resume regular activity. With non-surgical tightening you may resume sexual activity immediately after treatment.

Will there be scars?

Scars are sealed within the vagina itself and are not visible. The external scar where the perineal area or introitus area is rebuilt typically heals well. Over time along with the vaginal softening exercises, these scars become significantly softer. 

Who are not candidates for vaginoplasty?

If a patient has unrealistic expectations of how tight their vagina can become, have medical complications, general health issues, severe heart concerns, lung problems, or are on blood thinner medicines, then she is not a good candidate for surgery.

How much does the vaginal tightening/vaginoplasty procedure cost?

This procedure ranges from $6,000-$8,000. See our pricing page for information on related procedures.