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Benefits of Vaginoplasty or Vaginal Rejuvenation

As we age, our body goes through several changes – loosening of the vagina being one of the primary effects of natural aging. Childbirth is also one of the reasons why the vaginal tissues become lax. But thanks to advanced technology and medical breakthroughs, it is possible to restore the tightness of the vaginal walls and opening. Vaginal rejuvenation ensures that you regain the firmness and tone of the vagina via lasers and or reconstructive surgical procedures. It will help to boost strength of the walls and restore muscle control and sensations that were affected due to hormonal changes, aging, or childbirth. There are numerous benefits of vaginoplasty, such as:

Comfort A loose vagina causes a lot of discomfort and unease due to constant friction. It often leads to itchy and painful sensations too – you might feel like scratching them to ease the itching but it makes the situation even worse.  A woman’s body differs from person to person, so your surgeon will examine you to determine the severity of the procedure in order to take care of these problems. Tightening it will ensure you don’t experience any awkwardness or have to scratch your delicate regions to get rid of the itch. You will feel confident and better about yourself. Women with a firm vagina tend to exude more poise when it comes to sexuality too.

Aging Aging is natural – we can’t stop it, but we can definitely combat its effects like the loosening of your vaginal cavity. As time passes the vagina loses firmness due to various hormonal changes that manifest with the onset of aging.  But through surgery, sagging skin can be removed along with excess fat and stretched out muscles can be tightened. Vaginoplasty will help you regain some control over aging and make you feel young once more.

Sexuality Your sex life might have taken a backseat or been somewhat hampered, but with a tight vaginal opening, it can get back on track. It is a sensitive issue, but extremely common when women start aging or experience childbirth, especially if they have more than one child. Once the muscles and tissues are tightened you can enjoy similar pleasure and orgasms like you used to. Sexual intercourse becomes much more fun!

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