What US cities are most interested in plastic surgery?

plastic surgery

plastic surgery

Someone recently introduced me to Google Trends (be careful, it can be addicting!). Google Trends shows which geographic regions people have searched for your topics most. When I entered “plastic surgery,” Trends provided the following list of cities (in order):

  1. Singapore, Singapore

  2. Irvine, CA, USA

  3. Los Angeles, CA, USA

  4. San Diego, CA, USA

  5. Austin, TX, USA

  6. Atlanta, GA, USA

  7. Houston, TX, USA

  8. Miami, FL, USA

  9. New York, NY, USA

  10. Orlando, FL, USA

Interesting to note that apart from Singapore, 9 out of the 10 listed cities are US cities. Though, this is only in the English speaking world.

When I entered “cirugia plastica” I found that Spanish speakers are most interested in plastic surgery in the following cities:

  1. Medellin, Colombia

  2. Bogota, Colombia

  3. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

  4. Santiago, Chile

  5. Caracas, Venezuela

  6. Panama City, Panama

  7. San Jose, Costa Rica

  8. Tijuana, Mexico

  9. Guadalajara, Mexico

  10. Monterrey, Mexico